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WeCommunities is a brand of Vivaasv Infra Pvt. Ltd., a 5-year old Bengaluru-based company. Our experience spans multiple real-estate projects in different states of India. We operate via a small core team, with transparent and open and collaborative processes. We bring diverse knowledge and experience in design, engineering, construction, farming and legal domains.

We build and manage communities by bringing like-minded people together, with a strong emphasis on sustainable living. As human impact and climate change bring about humongous and seemingly insurmountable challenges, we urgently need to pause. Breathe. Think. Changes are possible. Deeper connections with the land can be forged. Living better is a sensible option.


We build communities based on coming together of common interests, ideas and shared visions.


Environmentally conscious design and processes with low-footprint homes.


Tighter control, reduced supply chain complexities and cost, boosting local economy.


Our philosophy and processes incorporate long-term food, water & energy efficiency.











Since bootstrapping our first community in 2016, we are seeing an ever-increasing interest in living better, including growing one's own food. We are now building our 3rd collective.

The Madakkal Ridges

The Madakkal Ridges is a 70+ acres farming collective, centred around the concept of sustainable community living, being developed using principles of agroforestry, about 65 kms from Bengaluru.

The Madakkal Ridges lies amidst hills and natural lakes, near Madakkal (Tamil Nadu), close to the Cauvery North Sanctuary. 35-45 members will own 1 or 1.5 acres each. Individual land portions are pooled as part of the farming collective and designed, built and managed as a single large farm. Houses made of sustainable materials will be 700 sq. ft. in size (for the 1 acre option) and 1100 sq. ft. (for the 1.5 acre option), with options to extend this to a 2, 3 or 4 bhk.

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The Rose Valley Farming Collective is a 60+ acre farm among hills, valleys and natural lakes, near Thally, (Tamil Nadu), about 65 kms from Bengaluru.

Centred around sustainable organic farming & living, a total of 25+ units of 1.5, 2.5 and 5 acre options, with stunning views, are available. The farmland is jointly planned and managed as a single large farm, with farm returns accruing from the fourth year. Low-footprint, village-style housing units start from 700 sqft in size, with options to extend this to a 2 or 3 bhk unit. In addition to a sustainable and better quality of life, the farm is being built on the principles of agro-forestry and is designed to start yielding fruits and other returns from the fourth year.

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Located in Thagathy village (Tamil Nadu), about 90 kms from Bengaluru, the Tamarind Valley Collective is built on the principles of permaculture.

Incorporating cluster housing, 54 members are now part of this fully subscribed 90+ acres farming collective. In the last 3+ years, we have converted an over-grazed, dry land into a diverse resilient zone. We have seen a significant increase in the water table, and species diversity. A large number of native & other plants and trees are now growing here. A wide variety of grains, vegetables are being harvested sustainably.

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Rose Valley Collective

How It Works

People ask us many questions. What is a Collective? How can I be a part of it? How do you bring together people aligned on shared goals and interests? What are the steps and complexities involved in setting up these Collectives? To address all these questions and also to share our learnings so far, we created this as a sort of a ready-reckoner.

How Our Collectives Work
Our Model
    Size from 20 to 100+ acres | Individual ownership | Designed & Managed collectively | Collaborative community approach | Low-footprint sustainable local-design dwellings | Integrated natural farm | Agroforestry Permaculture principles | Dairy poultry fruits vegetables timber food forests | Transparent processes

Our Team

Varun Pandey
    Co-founder – An aluni of BIT Mesra, Varun has had a career in Telecom Engineering and R&D in companies like Satyam, Winphoria Networks and Airvana Networks. Varun was also instrumental in building BITOSA – his college alumni association, which now has members and chapters across the globe. His passion for building communities and real-estate led him to co-founding WeCommunities.
Yathesh Kumar
    Co-founder – A native of Mangalore, Yathesh has spent a number of years running his own catering business, starting with a career in the Taj Group. He has also been involved in farming for a few decades, learning and experimenting along the way. His keen interest in growing food using native knowledge and natural processes led him to co-founding WeCommunities.
Rishi Shankar
    Head, Marketing & Sales – Rishi has spent close to two decades in sales, business development and marketing in the Supply Chain and SaaS space. He has worked in various start-ups, involving working with diverse teams and scaling up businesses. He is also an early member of the Tamarind Valley Collective – WeCommunities’ first community-led initiative near Bengaluru.


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